Training Block 3

Hi Kids!!

That was a great weekend on snow!! I still have to pinch myself thinking this was only week 2.


Bonus Day Wednesday GS/ SL (Sorry for the late notice) I did mention this at the team meeting Sunday after training.

Thursday GS

Friday GS/ SL

Saturday SL

Sunday SL

Please be on time!! you should be ready to go at 845, I always tell the kids to aim for 830 this way your always on time.


Because snow conditions change daily, I need you to remember these important things:


1)       Make sure you have your powder skis, as well as your race skis ready to go for the weekend.  I don’t mind if you leave them in the club cabin during the weekend but you need to take them home after Sunday training. We will find a nice spot out of the way for the pow skis.


2)      Please remember we need to set up our training area  first on Okanagan Run, before you free ski. We can always come back to it later but we will lose out on our spot to another team if we don’t set up first.


We have such a cool group of kids this season! Please remember we often move individuals around with the coaches. This is always a

nice thing to do as some are at different levels or are working on a specific skill. Often we will take a second year of U12/U14 skier and move them

up to the next age group. At the same time I may move it the other way as well. Please be advised this is not a negative, it is a positive. I like the

kids being challenged and at the same time some need specific work with a specific drill or skill.


Tyler Gerelus and Gary Athans will assist in Matt’s position as he attends to a family issue this coming Saturday and Sunday.


Congrats to Miss Coach Ella and soon-to-be Miss Coach Belle on their successful CSCF course completed last weekend!! Grant ( course facilitator)

said these two Ladies are more than ready!!! Makes me very proud as both of these young ladies have been with me for years on the team.


Special thanks to Victoria for helping out with the U12 group! So happy she around to assist with the new rippers!


And finally, a Big Thanks to Coach Matt for the tuning clinic last Saturday!!


Note: we are still not able to train GS on the weekend as the training hill will be very full again this weekend.

My plan is to devote much of xmas break for GS. We will probably work it like last year where you do a 50/50

GS and Slalom daily.


Our BNET installation may come this weekend so we will need lots of parent help! Stay tuned for that notice! It is a quick job with lots of helping hands.

Thanks, Jorgen Anderson

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