Apex Ski Club Board and Executive elected

Thank you all who attended the AGM on October 20.  It was great to see everyone and to learn more about the upcoming season.  I am pleased to announce Balazs Gerloczy as the club’s new president.  A special thank you to Mike Borg who is retiring as President, but will remain on the Board and Executive.    Please welcome the new Apex Ski Club Board and Executive:

Balazs Gerloczy, President
Rejeanne Droppo, Vice President
Mike Borg, Past President
Paula Rogers, Secretary and  Treasurer
Gary Athans, Special Advisor
Jamesie Bray, Nancy Green Chair
Guy Exley, Member at Large
Patrik Gillerstedt, Member at Large
Neal Raymond, Member at Large
Sharon Sola, Member at Large

James Rogers will continue to serve as Alpine Chair.

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