Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween

The season is fast approaching . Soon our weekends will be full of snow activity. The club is very excited for another season we had fresh snow last night!!
This season we will be hosting the south event at Apex February 3rd this is always exciting for the kids to have an event at home. Zone finals will be held at Mt Baldy March 2,3
very fun for everyone to experience another mountain. We have a great group of coaches again this year. We are pleased to be bringing back Shelby Naylor as the
Connection Coach for the group.
Preseason Checklist
  • Check equipment your kids have grown
  • Check Buy Sell on our website for gear or you can post gear you would like to sell.
  • get bindings checked out by your local shop
  • Tuning??? club will host a tuning evening this winter!! excellent time to learn about tuning. TBA
Early bird savings will end November 15th for Carver Registration. Registration is via our website as usual.
The Club is pleased to bring Warren Millers Face of Winter to town. Friday  November 16th Cleland Theatre
Big Shout out to Dr Tom Evans of Eckhardt Dental for his Sponsorship of the event.
Tickets available at Apex Ski Shop, True Outdoors, Pentagon, Freeride, Hoodoo Adventures.
Fun Event for the Entire family!!
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