Cabin Clean Up and Registration

Hi Team,
I really hope everyone has had a nice summer. Pretty soon we’ll all be back to the school routine.  Jorgen has requested that I send an email out to let everyone know that dryland training will be starting Monday September 14th and will be taking place Monday and Wednesdays at 3:30 to 530 pm. The location will be the same at Carmi school.
We have a request for help this Sunday see below,
From Simon

Hi folks

As some of you may know Apex was able to get 40 new B-net over the summer to help us with speed training and training on the newly widened Adrian’s Alley.

To store this net this winter we are moving the downhill timing trailer from the current location near the bottom of the quad to a spot just behind the club cabin in the southwest corner.  This is planned for the September 12th weekend.

To do that we need some help this weekend and next!

This weekend (Sunday)  we need help cleaning everything out of the trailer and installing some bracing inside to help it stand up to the move.  It should only be 2-3 hours work.  Please email if you can make it.

Next weekend we need a bigger work party to help with the move (supervised by Wally, Shawn and Diesel and with Diesel’s skid steer) and to clean up around the cabin and in behind and to help dig in some blocks for the trailer.  It will also be a good time to clear out all the garbage and sort out the wood outside and around the cabin.

Ski Swap Cabin Clean up and BBQ.
I’d like to arrange a cabin clean up day, ski swap and bbq on Sept 13, which is a sunday.  time will be from 11 until 4 pm at the club cabin. this would coincide with the moving of the old downhill timing hut up to the cabin. Ski swap would be the same format as in past years at the Don’s house.
Here we go to the start of new ski season!!!
Apex Ski Club President
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