About Apex Ski Club

Apex Ski Club is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion of the sport of alpine skiing and to the development of alpine ski racing skills.

We are located on the premises of the Apex Mountain Resort but are a separate entity.  All members of the Apex Ski Club are members of the umbrella organization BC Alpine, and as such compete in races sanctioned by BC Alpine.

Apex Ski Club provides its members with high quality, professional coaching along with the opportunity to compete in local Okanagan Zone, inter-zone, provincial and national races.

We are a special community that thrives on friendship and family involvement.  Instilled in our athletes is a sense of responsibility, discipline, team spirit, good sportsmanship, and integrity.

Our Goals are:

  • To make skiing a lifelong sport
  • To develop the skiing abilities of our young athletes
  • To provide quality alpine race training and racing experiences
  • To provide lifelong benefits for the athletes and their families
  • To have FUN!